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Welp. It’s a good thing we know that Colony will return for a third season, because this finale is anything but a finisher.

Let’s start by talking about the episode title, “Ronin.” As any Keanu Reeves fans in the crowd will know from his recent film of a similar name, the term refers to a samurai whose master has fallen. Tonight, that term seems to apply to Alan Snyder, who’s arrived as the low-key most important player of this season.

He’s a guy who lives and dies by his oath that he always keeps his promises, and yet he’s the biggest snake in the bush when he wants to be. At the end of the day, the only person Snyder’s worried about looking out for is himself, and he proves that once and for all tonight. He doesn’t wield a sword, but the cuts he makes are for himself from here on out, not Helena.

Let’s take it from the top of this emotional gut punch of an episode, yes?

So, remember that Rap that supposedly defected and fell into the hands of Noah’s rebellion group that got overrun while she was away in L.A. trying to scare up the missing gauntlet? Well, it’s been captured by the Global Authority, and they’ve successfully revived the thing to bring it back online. Whether it’s still ready to raise hell with its fellow aliens or not remains to be seen, but rest assured, it’s no longer in the hands of Noah’s pals in the other bloc, whether the Bowmans know it or not.

The Los Angeles bloc is in total chaos as Homeland heads up an evacuation of the entire city so as to alleviate supply shortages, and Snyder senses that his dear leader Helena has not been completely honest with him about what’s going on right now. He tries to get some intel from Homeland by paying another visit to Bennett’s office, but all he can intuit is that the bloc is being cleared out in search of the gauntlet. That’s when he confronts Helena directly. She informs him that “total rendition” is nigh, and, yes, we finally get to find out what that means. Every living person found in the bloc is set for immediate transport to the factory, and Snyder’s on the exemption list (his daughter, too) but the catch is this: He’s going to be a meager staffer on her new team at the Authority, so it’s gonna be a major ego burn for him.

Will and Katie are also in a bind after their hiding spot is infiltrated by blackjacks. They’re able to mow them down — with Morgan’s life lost in the process — but their underground station is no longer safe for laying low, so Katie decides to call upon the one remaining resource she has. Luckily for her, the bible group leader she’d been friendly with before is happy to take in her family and Broussard for a temporary stay. Once they regroup, Will decides they have one last card up their sleeves worth playing, and that’s to contact Snyder about handing over the gauntlet. In their minds, the gauntlet is the reason for all this madness anyway, so maybe they can save more lives than their own by turning it over. Broussard’s not a fan of this plan, but he goes along with being overruled.

Will calls Snyder and tells him what he’s got, and it’s a conveniently timed call indeed because Snyder’s definitely interested in exploring other options for his own future aside from the one Helena’s carved out for him. He approaches the blackjacks, on his own behalf instead of as an agent of the Governor General, and offers a trade: his safety and security in exchange for recovery of the gauntlet. But Will doesn’t know that…

So, when he meets with Will to discuss their next move, Will agrees to take him along for the ride in their last-ditch effort to escape the bloc. He wants out, he says, because he has no intention of becoming some lackey in the Global Authority ranks after Los Angeles is all said and done. “After spending the day watching the rats flee a sinking ship, I decided I don’t want to be a rat anymore,” he says. And it’s almost convincing — certainly convincing enough to rope Will and Katie and their kids into the fray.

Broussard decides to hang back and take his chances with the Los Angeles evacuation effort. Colony fans will no doubt hope this is not the last we see of him, but his goodbye to Will and Katie certainly makes it seem like it is.

After taking out a few redhats who are asked to meet with Snyder, Will and Katie suit up and start the process of transporting Snyder, in his “official capacity,” through the Wall. Bram has no interest in Snyder being part of their escape detail, but since he’s the only one with clearance enough to convince a redhat to wave them through, he has no choice, does he?

Once they’re stopped at a checkpoint, Snyder does his best to convince the staff sergeant that he’s under instruction to transport the children in the car to the other side, but the sarge is not so convinced. Charlie and Gracie might pass muster, but one look at Bram and the officer’s suspension of disbelief is done. He asks them all to step out of the car, and even though Snyder insists that Will not break ranks and try some renegade move, he strips his mask and pleads to the sergeant’s sensibilities.

He reminds the redhat in charge that they’re all just parents and people at the end of the day, and that total rendition is coming — he’d better consider his own family right now, too. After the sergeant does his best to confirm that the evacuees are being properly processed, which they’re not, Will’s account starts to check out, and even the head redhat has to have a heart for him in that moment. He waves them through, yes, even with the boxed gauntlet, just in time for the Raps’ ships to start setting in for the bloc. And with that, the Bowmans are finally free… but are they? Just as they’ve gained a safe distance from the wall, Snyder gives Bram a pointed look that seems to say “you were wrong about me” and then immediately reaches into his pocket to tamp what must be a tracking device of some sort because his Smug Snyder face is on full display as he taps it.

Self-service is what keeps this system afloat, and there’s no one more in it for himself than Snyder.

Maddie is in a bad way right now, too. She’s homeless and separated from her son, and, worst of all, her attempt to sleep outside the Yonk in hopes of catching a moment of her sister’s mercy is wordlessly ignored. She has no choice but to return to her Greatest Day cathedral, and even they want nothing to do with her. Actions have consequences, of course, but even Maddie doesn’t deserve what’s coming to her.

She’s rounded up into an evacuation bus while waiting on line for her rations at her church, and after seeing all the men, women, and children courted into one room to await their processing papers, she realizes she’s made a huge mistake. But it’s too late. As she steps outside of the facility, she sees the ships coming in overhead to whisk everyone away.

Meanwhile, Burke’s still alive and singing cheery hymnals at that. And here we might’ve thought we saw the last of that frightening face. Oh, and he’s got a one-way ticket all set up for him to escape this total rendition death sentence that’s swinging over everyone else’s heads. Turns out, serving “honor and duty” at all cost to humanity might not have been a bad call on his part, after all.

So, that’s where we’re at. The Bowmans are outside of the bloc with the gauntlet, en route to try to make contact with Noah’s resistance team. But they have no idea that they have a traitor in their midst (in their very car, at that) who’s probably just signaled their location, and Noah’s sect of the resistance has already been taken out, and that defected Rap she spoke of is back in the hands of the Global Authority.

Again, it’s a good thing we know a third season is coming on Colony because even though the Los Angeles bloc is now officially in the rearview, the fight has only just begun.

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What happened at the end of Colony? ›

After landing on Earth, Blake is taken captive by human survivors, descendants of those abandoned when the elite escaped. Her captain, Tucker, survives the landing but is attacked by the Muds (the dismissive name for those left behind) and later kills himself because of the seriousness of his injuries.

Did Colony have a conclusion? ›

This means third season finale "What Goes Around" is the last episode of Colony, even though it wasn't in any way designed as a conclusive ending. This episode ends with plenty of major cliffhangers too, with the Host's enemies preparing to attack.

Will there be season 4 of Colony? ›

On July 21, 2018, the cancellation of Colony was announced; there would be no fourth season. Is it possible that Colony will be brought back from the dead by Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other streaming service?

Is season 3 The final season of Colony? ›

The show moved its production for season 3 to Vancouver to help with costs but ultimately, the show wasn't renewed for a fourth season. While there are plenty of questions left to answer, the journey you'll go on between seasons 1 and 3 is good enough despite a rather unsatisfactory ending.

Why did Colony end so abruptly? ›

New competition and a longer period of time between episodes would be enough to hurt any show's ratings and Colony was not the exception. While the drop off in total numbers wasn't huge, it was a drop. Enough of a drop to make Colony the least watched show on USA Network in the key demographic (adults 18-49).

Who is the villain in Colony? ›

The Global Authority, also known as the Interim Global Authority, serve as a major antagonistic faction in USA's science fiction drama series Colony. They are a global government overseeing the humanity (who now live in isolated colonies throughout the world) on behalf of an alien species known as the Hosts.

What was the point of Colony? ›

Colonies were a way for the mother country to engage in the practice of mercantilism, or increasing their power by creating a source for exports and raw materials. While Great Britain was not the only world power to engage in the practice, they were one of the most successful.

What happened to the dog in Colony? ›

Rob Johnson said he dropped his best friend Grover off to be boarded late last month. Just six days later Johnson was at the vet to get Grover euthanized. "He was my road dog. He was there with me through good times, through death of parents, through major transitions in your life," Johnson said.

What happens to Maddie in Colony? ›

She was later lost in the Total Rendition of the Los Angeles bloc. Maddie was sent to The Factory, and months later, when the Demis arrive, they obliterated it. This suggests Madeline is dead.

Did Colony end or cancel? ›

In April 2017, Colony was renewed for a third season which premiered on May 2, 2018. On July 21, 2018, USA Network announced they had cancelled the series after three seasons.
Colony (TV series)
Original releaseJanuary 14, 2016 – July 25, 2018
20 more rows

Will Netflix pick up the Colony? ›

One show that audiences may have missed on its original run but watched on Netflix is Colony. Created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, this American sci-fi drama premiered on USA Network in January 2016 and has ran for three seasons so far, with Netflix audiences recently being invited to binge season 3 in 2021.

Was the Colony scripted? ›

The first season had 10 main cast members as well as almost 100 actors who did additional scripted and improvisational work for the show.

What are RAPs in Colony? ›

The security forces are generally referred to as "Red Hats" or, more formally, "Homeland Security" and "Transitional Authority". They're commonly called the RAPs which is short for Raptors, because of the bird of prey logo on their pins and flags.

What happens in the factory in Colony? ›

The factory is located on Earth's only natural satellite on the Sea of Smyth. Later, the Factory is destroyed in an attack, when the Demis penetrated the Host's defense grid. The Factory, all its prisoners, and IGA personnel were killed in the attack, resulting in a large loss for the IGA.

What is the arrival in Colony? ›

The Arrival was an invasion by a mysterious occupying force which has occupied Los Angeles and the entire world. The Arrival began in November 13, which was seen in an episode, Eleven.

Do they escape in the Colony? ›

Only a total of 5 cult members managed to escape out of the colony in 40 years. In the film, when Daniel tried to escape for the first time, he tripped over the electric fence surrounding the colony. The place also had searchlights and watchtowers for protection.

Is Colony worth watching? ›

Our Call: STREAM IT. The Colony offers a hodgepodge of themes, but achieves physical scale for its sci-fi premise with moody cinematography and a probing screenplay.

Is Katie a double agent Colony? ›

Katie is a double agent, but in a broader sense of the term: she pretends to be a player in the game, but she controls it. She's practically the chessmaster of the show now, and in the midst of such a large social struggle, that's impressive.

Who killed Phyllis in Colony? ›

Homeland Security boss Phyllis (Kathy Baker) was the unlucky victim. In the final moments of the episode, she was gunned down in her own home by Broussard (Tory Kittles), one of the key members of the Resistance fighting against the Los Angeles occupation, right at the height of her power in the story.

Who controls the drones in Colony? ›

The Colony Police Department's drone team is a group of highly trained and certified pilots that come from both The Colony Police and Fire departments. The team was formed in 2018 and has a total of four pilots who operate four different drones.

Why did The Colony almost fail? ›

The winter of 1609-1610 in Jamestown is referred to as the "starving time." Disease, violence, drought, a meager harvest followed by a harsh winter, and poor drinking water left the majority of colonists dead that winter.

Why did The Colony fail? ›

Ultimately, the English settlers themselves had arrived too late, had no contingency plans for the damage to their supplies and were not prepared to work together to turn around the disadvantaged position they found themselves in.

How did The Colony get lost? ›

The only trace of the “Lost Colony” was the word CROATOAN carved on a post of the palisade erected by the settlers and the letters CRO on a tree. The group may have been annihilated by hostile Native Americans or may have joined a friendly tribe. In any event, the mystery of the Lost Colony has never been solved.

Where did Beau go in Colony? ›

On the night when Beau, Will and the Bowman family were to escape the L.A. bloc, Katie refused to go and Beau had to leave on his own. Beau's current location is unknown, but it seems likely that he left through the Dept of Water and Power tunnel and is now at his property in Big Bear or he was transferred.

What happens to Bob in Colony? ›

Bennet refuses to abort but Burke tries to get Will to stop anyway. This convinces Will that his children must be free and he stabs Burke in the stomach with a broken bottle.

Why did the Colony experiment get Cancelled? ›

"The History Channel has decided to delay its transmission of The Colony following the tragic death of Carina Stephenson, a participant in the series," it said in a statement.

Does Snyder betray the Bowmans? ›

Snyder continues to be an interesting character, which is likely one of the reasons he's so popular in Colony circles. He betrays (Geronimo), he helps, he falls, he rises again, he makes deals, he keeps his word, then he seemingly betrays the Bowman clan on the way out of town.

What happens to Kynes in Colony? ›

The IGA locked down Seattle after learning of Kynes' true motives and issued Martial Law. Kynes was wounded in the parking garage at the Bonzo Blacksite by Scott Garland. It is unclear if he'll survive or not.

What happens to Broussard in Colony? ›

Broussard just manages to escape before they arrive. Quayle offers Will to give Broussard and the rest of his cell - except for Katie - to Homeland Security in exchange for getting out of the LA Bloc with supplies.

Is Colony like Lost? ›

USA Network's latest show, "Colony," has two very clear connections to "Lost": Carlton Cuse is a cocreator and Josh Holloway is a star of the sci-fi series. Both served the same purposes on "Lost." But that's not where the similarities end.

What is the green zone in Colony? ›

The Green Zone, also known as the GZ (pronounced "Gee Zee"), is a special district within of the city of Los Angeles. It's where the privileged and influential live and work. Some people work in the Green Zone but live outside it - they commute each day and have to pass through the security checks at the gates.

What language are they speaking in the Netflix movie The Colony? ›

Tides (also known as The Colony) is a 2021 English-language German-Swiss science fiction thriller film directed and written by Tim Fehlbaum. The film stars Nora Arnezeder, Iain Glen, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, and Joel Basman.

Will there be a Colony 2 on Netflix? ›

Colony has just been renewed for a third season with season 2 building on the first. The show was added to Netflix back in December. If you've already watched the first ten episodes of Colony, you're probably when it's coming to Netflix in your region. Let's find out.

Is the colony about zombies? ›

The Colony is a sharp-looking survival thriller that's actually a zombie movie in disguise. The baddies here aren't technically zombies, but they're set up just be be mowed down and massacred much like they are in the horror fare that's so popular today.

Where was Colony Film filmed? ›

The Colony is an award-winning, post-apocalyptic, science fiction thriller directed and written by Tim Fehlbaum. The film takes place on Earth after a global catastrophe has wiped out nearly all of humanity. Much of the film was shot in the German Tidelands.

Is the colony based on the 100? ›

The Colony is a space habitat and it is one of the main locations in The 100 book series. Its TV series equivalent is the Ark. The Colony holds the survivors of the Cataclysm and the human race.

Do they find their son in Colony? ›

His father eventually finds him but discovers scaring on his ankle because of abuse he has suffered from Soloman.

What is the explanation of the movie The Colony? ›

After a global catastrophe nearly wipes out humanity on Earth, Earth's elites fled to Kepler-209 space colony. A young astronaut named Blake from the Kepler colony returns to Earth with fellow astronauts Tucker and Holden. Their mission is to test whether Earth is suitable for human habitation and reproduction.

What happens to Maddie on Colony? ›

She was later lost in the Total Rendition of the Los Angeles bloc. Maddie was sent to The Factory, and months later, when the Demis arrive, they obliterated it. This suggests Madeline is dead.

Who put the wall up in Colony? ›

The Wall was built by the Hosts, after The Arrival. The Walls came from space and folded out around certain areas.

What is the gauntlet in Colony? ›

The Gauntlet is a piece of technology, used by The Hosts. It was first seen at the end of Season 1, and appeared to be part of the suit worn by the VIP that Broussard, Katie, Morgan, Simon and BB accidentally killed when the bomb in the train tunnel caused a bigger than expected explosion.

Is The Colony Based on a true story? ›

A true to life account of life under subjugation, abuse and torture. 44 years of repression. In late 2015, a film entitled “Colonia” also known as “The Colony” made its way into theaters around the globe.

What planet are they on in The Colony? ›

Intertitles inform us that because of climate change, pandemics, and war, “the ruling elite” escaped Earth to settle on the distant planet Kepler 209.

Why is it called The Colony? ›

The name "The Colony" was chosen by Fox and Jacobs because they wanted its new development to share a sense of kinship with Texas' early history and "to create a living monument to the spirit and courage of the Peters Colonists ...

Why did the colony experiment get Cancelled? ›

"The History Channel has decided to delay its transmission of The Colony following the tragic death of Carina Stephenson, a participant in the series," it said in a statement.

What happens to Carlos in Colony? ›

Portrayed By

While Will does manage to keep his word and look after Lucia and Mateo he's not able to prevent Carlos being taken to The Factory at the end of "Brave New World". The Factory is later destroyed when the Demi's attacked it, killing Carlos in the processs.


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